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What is the School Sealant Program?

Many schools are partnering with the School Sealant Program this year to offer preventive dental services to your child for free or at a greatly reduced price.


A licensed dental professional will be offering cleanings, sealants and fluoride varnishes to students. If you have dental insurance, these services are completely free. If you do not have dental insurance, your child can receive these services at %70 off the usual rates.

What are the benefits?

By doing these services at the school, it saves you from having to take the time off of work to transport your child for an extra visit to the dentist and cuts down on the amount of school students will miss.

By preventing decay, your child is less likely to experience toothaches and dental pain.

These services are FREE if you have dental insurance or at a greatly reduced cost if you do not.

Will my child be comfortable?

Yes! Your child will be kept comfortable throughout these easy and pain-free services. They don’t even need to get numb! The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

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